Long-Term Outcomes after the MUltisystem Inflammatory Syndrome In Children

The COVID MUSIC Study will help us better understand how multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children (MIS-C) affects children and young adults in the short and long-term and help us to better understand how to treat it. MUSIC participants will now have the opportunity to enroll in RECOVER.

How to Join the Study

About the COVID MUSIC Study

About the Study

MIS-C is a rare complication of COVID-19 that affects only some children. Learn more about the condition and what the COVID MUSIC Study is doing to understand more about this disease.

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Preliminary Study Results

MIS-C appears to affect Black and Latinx children and teens more frequently than other groups. Learn about how the COVID MUSIC Study is seeking to understand differences between age, race, health insurance status, income, and location, to help address risk related to MIS-C.

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